A photographer captures images electronically, normally using a digital camera,..


What does a Photographer do?

Median Pay $34,070
Growth Rate 3%
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A photographer captures images electronically, normally using a digital camera, and editing photos on a computer. They provide a wide variety of photographic services, depending on their expertise, such as portraits, event photography (such as weddings), magazine covers, landscapes, medical data, or for journalist events. They may create photographic artwork or even work for academic institutions.

How to Become a Photographer

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A portrait photographer does not require postsecondary education, but it is suggested one take classes in a related field to gain the advantage that employers want, like, creativity, technical knowledge of their trade and a “good eye”.

In the cases of industrial, scientific, and photo journalists, a bachelor’s degree is usually expected. Several universities, junior and community colleges offer photography classes, as well as vocational and technical institutions or private trade schools.Developing a portfolio of ones work is very necessary in gaining employment in this competitive occupation.

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Job Description of a Photographer

Their work can be very technical, using equipment like computers, editing software, and high-quality printers, which helps them edit, crop, enhance, or modify an image. They test the best lighting (natural and artificial) when taking photographs and enhance the images through color correction or other special effects.

Photographers remain competitive through providing digital portfolios to show their work, usually on a website, and attract clients by advertising services and marketing strategies. A photographer should be artistic and interpersonal and be skilled in customer service, business and computers and be detail oriented. A photographer may work for a university, newspaper, or other places that his or her specialized photographic skills are needed, or be self-employed.

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