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What does a Quality Control Manager do?

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A quality control manager would ensure the quality of the products they are responsible for. They may have a team of quality control inspectors that they manage and would be responsible for putting quality control policies and procedures in place. They would periodically analyze sample products to ensure quality standards are being met and stop or revise a process that needs improvement. Watch a video to learn more.

How to Become a Quality Control Manager

According to O*NET OnLine, most quality control managers surveyed held a bachelor’s degree. However, the bachelor’s degree needed may need to correlate with the products they are inspecting. To become a manager, you would most likely also have experience already providing quality control as an inspector or some other type of position. On-the-job experience would also be necessary, such as previous experience working in a manufacturing setting.

Job Description of a Quality Control Manager

Not only would a quality control manager monitor the quality of the products they are responsible for, but they may also evaluate any vendor products that are necessary in the production process. They would work with other departments across the organization to ensure the specifications of the product are met and create quality standards-based on those requirements. They may supervise other quality control inspectors or periodically check workers end products to ensure quality is met at all times.

Quality Control Manager Career Video Transcript

quality control manager

If your equipment starts producing defective products, who do you call? Quality control systems managers! In fact, call them before you notice something is wrong; quality control is a necessary and ongoing process. Quality control systems managers generally work in laboratories and factories, but may also find roles in healthcare. They collect and analyze samples from their production lines and services every day to make sure everything is going as planned.

Whether your product is a frisbee, a car, a food item, or a healthcare service, as a quality control manager, it’s your job to meet standards, comply with regulations, and continuously improve quality. If a problem occurs, these managers need to troubleshoot the process to find a solution and communicate with all of the departments, vendors, and contractors who might be affected by it.

On the people side, they supervise employees and personally advise customers on technical issues. Quality control systems managers often have a four-year degree related to their industry. They must be well versed in quality systems, statistics, and risk analysis. But for these professionals, their work experience is a more important credential. While they usually work typical business hours, overtime might be necessary when big production deadlines approach.

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