What does a Ride Share Driver do?

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Whether you are looking to supplement your current income or be your own boss full-time, you may have considered working as a ride share driver. Ride share drivers transport people where they need to go, or they may pick up and deliver food orders. What makes this work appealing is the flexible work location and hours.

How to Become a Ride Share Driver

uber lift grubhub doordash driver

The two main competitors in the ride share industry within the United States are Uber and Lyft. Anyone can drive; all you have to do is meet the companies minimum requirements. Most ride share companies require you to have a valid driver license and car insurance.

For safety reasons, there may also be a few more tasks you’ll need. You most likely will have to show that you reside in the city or state that you are driving in, prove that you have current insurance, and verify that you drive a vehicle you own. Also, most companies will check your driving history and criminal history reviewed.

For all other employment conditions, visit the ride share company websites to find specific details on obtaining or applying for a job.

How to Deliver Food for a Job

If you don’t have experience and don’t meet the age requirement for Ride Share Driver, working for a company picking up and dropping off orders could be the way to start. Some major companies in the United States that provide this are Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats.

Grubhub, for example, requires you to be 19 to drive. By the way, Grubhub will allow you to deliver food via bicycle! Uber has its service of food delivery through Uber Eats. They require one year of driving experience for car delivery. You can even use a motorized scooter to make food deliveries if you’re at least 19 or use your bike if you’re at least 18 years old. Postmates and DoorDash requirements are a background check and at least 18 years old. All have basic requirements. We encourage you to check out each of their websites for more information.

Job Description of a Ride Share Driver

As a ride share driver weather, your transport passengers, or food, the goal is to get from one location to another in a timely fashion. You make your hours and decide the area you want to work in. When and for how long you choose to work has a significant impact on your income – but the choice is still yours. You conduct all of your logistics using an app given to you by the company you are driving for. The app will even handle the rider’s payment in advance, so no physical money is exchanged unless you happen to receive a cash tip, of course. However, even tips can be obtained over the app.

Suppose you elect to drive for the sole purpose of picking up food orders and dropping them off for people. Here you coordinate and pick up orders from various restaurants to deliver to customers. It is essential to check food order accuracy and timely delivery, so the food is still hot.

Both food driver delivers, and ride share drivers are always on the go. They spend most of their time driving from one location to another during all times of the day. You are sitting in a car all day and may have to lift luggage or customer items throughout the day. The majority of drivers work part-time and use this as a supplementary income. This job can be stressful during peak time or traffic jams, but you can do well if you have patience, are familiar with streets in your community, and have flexibility in your scheduling.

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