What does a Sales Engineer do?

Median Pay $100,000
Growth Rate 7%
Citation Retrieved in 2017 from BLS.gov

Sales engineers specialize in technologically and scientifically advanced products and sell these products or services to businesses. They must have extensive knowledge of the parts and products they sell. Sales engineers may have extensive travel and may work additional hours to meet client needs or sales goals.

How to Become a Sales Engineer

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A bachelor’s degree is usually required for a sales engineer. However, those with backgrounds in a related field or with previous sales experience may also gain employment as a sales engineer. Engineering programs at a university usually takes 4 years to complete. These degree programs usually require students to select a specialized area such as civil, electrical, mechanical, computer hardware, chemical, or biomedical engineering.

Information technology and advanced electronics is changing rapidly. Therefore it will be essential once one works in the engineering and sales career field to take continuing education courses and keep up to date on the latest trends throughout one’s career. Strong interpersonal skills are also necessary for a successful sales engineer.

Job Description of a Sales Engineer

Sales engineers job are very similar to a sales person with the major difference of specialization of technologically and scientifically advanced products. They typically prepare and deliver technical presentations to existing and prospective clients that explain the services or products that they represent. They also meet with other engineers and customers to determine system requirements and assess equipment needs. They assist customers by planning and modifying products to meet their needs and help them solve problems with installed equipment. They demonstrate how the customer can lower costs or increase production by recommending improved materials or machinery. A sales engineer may even also help research and develop new products.

Sales engineers work full time and often work overtime to meet companies goals. They cover territories locally and across the country, therefore travel more frequently that not. This can very to overnight trips to several weeks at a time. This job can be stressful due to the competitive nature of the field in addition to the sales demands required by the business they work for. many of these job have salaries that are based off of commission and customer service feedback.

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