A therapist is a licensed medical professional that evaluates, diagnoses,..


What does a Therapist do?

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A therapist is a licensed medical professional that evaluates, diagnoses, and treats people with emotional and mental disorders. In treating diagnosed mental disorders and nervous disorders or other emotional issues, they apply family systems theories and psychotherapeutic techniques. Is is often used as a umbrella term used for professionals that work in the psychology field. Titles may include licensed counselors, psychoanalyst, or social workers.

How to Become a Therapist

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A therapist usually pursues a master’s degree or doctorate degree in psychology or social work. Curriculum in these programs includes a variety of human developmental, cognitive, emotional, and therapeutic model coursework that can be applied to client centered treatment. All therapists are required to be licensed and in order to sit for most state’s licensure you must abide the state’s regulations and requirements. Many require you complete between 2,000 and 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience before you can even sit for your license.

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Job Description of a Therapist

Therapists often confer with professionals to help analyze their client’s problems and coordinate the proper counseling service. They determine if an individual needs additional specialists or services such as psychiatry, legal aid, or medicines.

Therapist help their clients cope with mental illness or possibly assist with medication management at times. They assist in behaviors that may be harmful or maladaptive using cognitive behavior strategies. They also teach their clients coping mechanisms, altering thinking patterns, stress management techniques, and give non-directive advice. They often times diagnosis and assess individuals for disorders or health conditions within their scope of practice.

A knowledge of psychology, therapy, counseling, philosophy, and theology is needed in this occupation. The knowledge of medicines to be applied to treatment and/or therapy would also be needed. One would require the ability to have both oral comprehension and expression in order to understand others and to be understood. You should apply inductive and deductive reasoning to the job and have solid abilities in problem sensitivity.

Therapists primarily work in a private office in settings such as mental health facilities, hospitals, treatment programs, colleges, and a variety of different organizations. They usually work full time and accommodate clients therefore may work some weekends and evenings.

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