Training Developer

A training and development specialist's primary responsibility is to assess,..

Training Developer

What does a Training Developer do?

Median Pay $59,020
Growth Rate 7%
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A training and development specialist’s primary responsibility is to assess, plan, organize and implement employee training for companies and organization. The work closely with management to determine a companies vision and goals to determine what is working and what is not working. They provide opportunities to improve job skills and gather data about training needs.

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How to Become a Training and Development Specialist

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A training and development specialist must earn a bachelor’s degree in instructional design, human resources, education, training and development, or the social sciences. Some jobs may ask for a master’s degree in addition to experience in a work-related field. With the increasing use of technology it has also become common for individuals to earn degrees in technology such as information technology and computer sciences.

A training and development specialist must have instructional, analytical, and creativity skills to present materials to the targeted audience. In addition they must have strong communication and interpersonal skills due to presenting and collaborating with people to perform they job duties.

Job Description of a Training Specialist

Training and development specialists are often employed by companies or organizations to provide appropriate and valuable training to their employees. They are involved in the design of the curriculum, train, and deliver presentations. They coordinate programs to provide further skills and knowledge to the company or organization’s employees. They may supervise and work with development specialist or training staff regularly.

If the quality of expected improvements of an organization are not produced a training and development specialist may create an alternative method for training. They use visual materials and handouts that they have obtained or designed to aid in training. They may use other training techniques such as team exercises, videos, group discussions, or role playing. He or she manages, prepares and provides budget reports as well as oversees the cost for training.

A training and development specialist may select training instructors and assign them specific tasks for the instruction of employees. They must have knowledge in and be sufficient in customer service and have a strong command of the english language. You should be able to speak clearly so others can understand you and must be able to listen attentively to what others are saying as well. A training and development specialist can be found working in nearly every industry, but mostly in offices. They normally would work regular full-time business hours.

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