Training Development Manager

Training and development managers direct, plan, and coordinate programs to..

Training Development Manager

What does a Training Development Manager do?

Median Pay $105,830
Growth Rate 7%
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Training and development managers direct, plan, and coordinate programs to develop the skills and knowledge of an organization’s workers to help make them more productive. They oversee and work with specialists such as instructional designers, program developers, and instructors to design curriculum and determine training needs that will meet an organization’s goals. They work in almost every industry in offices on a full time basis.

How to become a Training and Development Manager

training development manager

Training and development managers require a college degree and related work experience. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related field is normally required. However some employers prefer a candidate to have a master’s degree in human resources management, business administration, training and development, or organizational development. It may also be beneficial to study educational psychology, behavioral psychology, or instructional design.

Due to the increasing amount of technology used some organization’s also look for backgrounds in computer science or information technology. Training and development managers are not required to be certified though many employers prefer to hire those that have a certification or specialize in their industry profile.

Job Description of a Training and Development Manager

The duties of a training and development manager include evaluating the need for training for employees’ and develop and implement a program that align’s training with the goals and strategies of the organization. They update training programs and oversee the development of new educational materials. He or she is responsible for developing and managing a training budget. They review and select training materials from several vendors for appropriate content and evaluate its’ effectiveness.

A training and development manager usually supervises and trains employees such as program developers, instructional designers, and instructors. They also teach in classrooms or training facilities using videos, on-line applications, hand-held devices, tablets, or self-guided instructional manuals. Some training is done collaboratively with employees through social media or other online mediums.

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