Woodworkers make products from lumber and synthetic wood materials. They..


What does a Woodworker do?

Median Pay $30,180
Growth Rate -1%
Citation Retrieved in 2017 from BLS.org

Woodworkers make products from lumber and synthetic wood materials. They make a variety of products such as cabinets, furniture, toys, instruments, and other custom work clients may request. They use a variety of tools from hand tools, automated machinery, and power tools. They also can read blueprints and make precise measurements.

How to Become a Woodworker

wood worker

Woodworkers typically require a high school diploma or the equivalent because of the sophisticated machinery. Most woodworkers are trained on-the-job under experienced woodworkers.

You can also take courses at technical schools, community colleges, or universities that offer training in wood engineering, production management, wood technology, and furniture making.

Job Description of a Woodworker

Woodworkers read blueprints, schematics, shop drawings, and architectural drawings. They set up machinery and prepare tools for a woodworking project. This can be a physical demanding career as woodworkers not only use hoists to lift materials but they may also use their hands to lift wood into machines. They operate saws as well as sanding and milling machines. Because of the machinery they use, woodworkers must also inspect their machines to ensure they meet product specifications and safety standards.

Woodworking projects vary therefore, woodworkers need to be able to select and use the proper sanding, boring, cutting, and milling tools for the job. They also use the hand tools for assembling or trimming pieces. They may use computer operated automated machinery as well. A woodworker stains and coats their projects as well as installs them. Some woodworkers are employed to work in an assembly line while others may do more customized work.

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