Work with Animals

Work with Animals Listed are jobs that work with animals..

Work with Animals

Work with Animals

working with animals

Listed are jobs that work with animals that don’t require a college degree. If you are interested in pursuing a career working with animals, it may be a good idea to get a job that works with animals. You can gain experience and work with other professionals already in the field.

Animal Caretakers (Animal Attendants)

Animal caretakers work at animal shelters, zoos, vets, or anywhere that houses animals. They provide general care taking to animals by cleaning animals, ensuring their living space is clean, providing food and water, cleaning up after them, and even assisting to provide them exercise – such as walking dogs.

Dog Walker

If you like dogs, can be on your feet for long stretches, and don’t mind picking up after them, you can do well as a dog walker. You will want to learn a few techniques first though. Learn how to prevent fights among dogs and how to read a dog’s body language. You will also want to learn canine first aid.

Pet Sitter

Many people with animals would rather hire a pet sitter than board their animals. You may likely want to learn some of the techniques of a dog walker as well as canine first aid. Knowing canine first aid also sets you a part in that you take the position and care of your client’s animals seriously.

Pet Store Employee

You can also gain employment at a pet store. Many pet stores have a variety of animals for sale. This can help you learn how to take care of the animals and learn a bit about the animals as well so you can inform your customers.

Volunteer Opportunities

You may also be successful volunteering at an animal rehabilitation location or zoo. If you are an animal lover, you may find this rewarding while gaining valuable experience which can help you gain employment working with animals in the future.

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