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What does a Aerospace Engineer Technician do?

become an aerospace engineer technician

An aerospace engineer technician tests spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft to ensure they meet compliance requirements. The importance of reliable parts and equipment is critical. They frequently use simulation tools along with computer-based modeling and processes to maintain and operate equipment. They are typically employed in laboratories, manufacturing, offices, or industrial plants. Watch a video to […]

What does a Agricultural Technician do?

how to become an agricultural technician

An agricultural technician assists in agriculture and food science to ensure food quality and agricultural products. They can perform a wide range of duties depending on the specific field they choose to make their specialization. These duties can vary from working in a laboratory performing and recording tests, to performing more agricultural duties. Watch a […]

What does a Aircraft Maintenance Technician do?

become an aircraft maintenance technician

An aircraft maintenance technician ensures aircrafts are in optimal condition. They do this by examining parts, identifying problems, and performing scheduled maintenance and repairs. In addition, some of their daily work is dictated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines. Watch a video to learn what an aircraft maintenance technician does: How to Become […]

What does a Biological Technician do?

how to become a biological technician

A biological technician collects samples for analysis and performs experiments on substances using lab equipment. They also maintain and clean the equipment they use as well as assist other biological and medical scientists with their experiments and tests. Biological technicians may also be called laboratory assistants. Watch a video to learn what a biological technician: […]

What does a Biomass Plant Technician do?

become a biomass plant technician

A biomass plant technician works to maintain the equipment at a biomass plant. A biomass power plant will produce electricity by burning biomass such as wood, waste and/or sewage, or even plants. These technicians may also have other titles, some of which include auxiliary operator, biomass facilitator, and control room operator. How to Become a […]

What does a Broadcast Technician do?

how to become a broadcast technician

A broadcast technician sets up equipment that controls video clarity, signal strength, and audio quality. They also operate equipment to stream live events or record video. Along with set-up, they are also responsible for tearing down the equipment and maintaining it when not in use. Watch a video to learn what a broadcast technician does. […]

What does a Chemical Technician do?

how to become a chemical technician

A chemical technician assists chemists and chemical engineers research, develop, produce, and test chemical products and processes by using laboratory techniques and instruments. They usually work full-time in laboratories or manufacturing facilities where they conduct experiments and monitor production processes. Watch a video to learn what a chemical technician does: How to Become a Chemical […]

What does a Civil Engineer Technician do?

become a civil engineer technician

A civil engineer technician assists civil engineers to plan, design, and build bridges, highways, and other infrastructure projects, as well as, helping plan, design, and build residential, commercial, industrial, and land development projects. They typically work in offices or visit job sites to collect and test materials or observe the project as a project inspector. […]

What does a Clinical Lab Technician do?

clinical lab technician working

A clinical laboratory technician is also called a medical laboratory technician. They may work in labs, clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals. However, there are also non-clinical lab technicians. These technicians are often called biological, chemical, or lab technicians. Watch a video to see a day in the life of a clinical lab technician. How to […]

What does a Dental Laboratory Technician do?

become a dental lab technician

If you like science, art, and helping people, a career as a dental laboratory technician may be worth researching. Those in this career field use molds of patient’s teeth or soft tissue and create functional, artificial oral prosthetics. These are designed to a dentist’s specifications using a variety of techniques. These techs work in private […]

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