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Healthcare Forecast

It’s no wonder jobs in healthcare sit close to the top of almost every "promising careers" list. Careers in the health field are high-paying and consistently growing, and with recent legal changes to the healthcare system, demand for these jobs is not expected to wane anytime soon.

In addition to solid growth and good pay, the sheer breadth and diversity of job options in this field means there are opportunities for just about anyone, in any experience and education level. Jobs are available for those with less than 1-year certificates on up to 8+ year doctorate programs.

Finally, upward mobility within this industry is not only very possible, there are impressive systems in place for employees willing to get additional education and climb the ladder from within. You may not have time for a 4 year degree right now, but you can still enter the market and work your way up later with (relative) ease.

Many healthcare facilities provide employees with tuition reimbursement or loan forgiveness and some even offer perks like childcare, training programs, relocation funds, health clubs and more. The cherry on top is you can usually do this while working, earning a good salary from an employer who not only will pay for your education expenses, but will also be flexible when it comes to time off for school.

Job Satisfaction for Healthcare Professionals

We all know that job opportunity, security, salary and growth potential are only part of the equation. As in any career, it’s important to gauge whether the job which interests you, whether x-ray technologist to neurosurgeon, is the kind of work you would like to do and can be successful at day in and day out.

One good way to start is to research job satisfaction for your chosen profession, either by searching online or asking around through your network and at local healthcare facilities (this can be a great way to make contacts as a newcomer and eventual job-seeker).

With so many options in such a diverse and growing field, you are likely to find at least one that suits your goals and interests.

Growing Medical Careers

It is difficult to find a healthcare career field that is not growing. Most every job in the top 20 highest paid careers list are all in the medical field. To add to that, most of the highest growing jobs are also in the medical field. The healthcare industry is a win-win and there are many contributing factors to its growth. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites multiple factors to include: an aging population, advances in diagnosis and technology, and a move from in-patient care to outpatient and home health care to save costs.

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